"Empire G. Holding" is an international jewelry holding specialized on rare-earth colored precious stones. Is a supplier of rare precious stones to Top-level international jewelry houses. The company owns cut and polish factory and jewelry production factory. Employees are jewelers with rich experience in the top jewelry brands of France, Italy and other countries.

Holding has own high-end jewelry brand - Empire G. Royal jewelry house, where you can find hand crafted exclusive haute jewelry with rare-earth colored precious stones.

Empire G. Holding began its march from Dubai - the world's luxury center today. Having a forty-year history in the jewelry industry in the United Arab Emirates is a private, closed type, the Empire G. Royal jewelry house showroom only works under the order for VIP clients and Family Offices.

The Royal Jewelry House "Empire G." was originally created exclusively for royal people of the Middle East.

Currently, the Empire G. Royal jewelry house is represented in UAE, KSA, Europe and Asia.

emeralds Panjshir Emprie G.